About us

The Global Wealth Forum is a cohesive grouping of the world’s wealthiest and wealth advisors. Global Wealth Forum serves as a think tank and a representative body for the wealth creation and wealth management community globally. The Forum promotes debate around issues related to wealth. We are committed to researching industry trends that impact wealth creation and distribution. Global Wealth Forum has created a community of influential high net worth individuals helping to connect people, projects and capital.


Global Wealth Forum has a total membership of 600+ Prominent conglomerate business owners, Sovereign wealth funds, Private investment companies, Royal families, International business moguls, Renowned financial journalist, International celebrities and Senior level financial industry professionals from across the world.


Global Wealth Forum is committed to promoting projects and legacies of high net wealth individuals across the world. Projected to create a combined membership wealth of $500 billion by 2026, Global Wealth Forum is expected to be one of the largest and most exclusive organizations in the world.


Proactive organizational structure

We do this through maintaining a proactive organizational structure that encourages member engagement and interaction.


Our goal as an organization is to create an environment and opportunities for collaborations among the world’s wealthiest to impact the world and also sustain their wealth.


To create cohesion among the world’s wealthiest geared towards positively impacting the world.